New routes

Below you will find listings of planned new routes along with start dates - these are subject to change.

Updated 21.08.2017

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new routes & start dates


Gatwick to Genoa - 4th September

Gatwick to Cardiff - 29th October

Gatwick to Glasgow - 29th October

Gatwick to Madrid - 29th October

Gatwick to Ponta Delgada - 31st October

Gatwick to Praia - 4th November

Gatwick to Argyle (St Vincent) - 31st October

Gatwick to Dallas Fort Worth - 29th October

Gatwick to New York Newburgh - 4th December

Gatwick to Phoenix (Mesa) - 8th January 2018

Gatwick to New Orleans - 9th January 2018

Gatwick to Anchorage - 10th January 2018

London City to Barbados - 4th November (EliteJet)

London City to Washington - 31st October (EliteJet)

Luxembourg to New York Newburgh - 30th October

Manchester to Boa Vista (Pereira) - 29th October

Manchester to Dakhla - 31st October

Manchester to Hurghada - 4th November

Manchester to Lanzarote - 31st October

Manchester to Tenerife - 3rd November

Manchester to Argyle (St Vincent) - 1st November

Manchester to Banjul - 2nd November

Manchester to Goa - 4th November

Manchester to New York Newburgh - 4th December

Manchester to Taipei - 1st November

Leeds Bradford to Chambery - 2nd December

Leeds Bradford to Gran Canaria - 31st October

Leeds Bradford to Hurghada - 29th October

Leeds Bradford to  Innsbruck - 3rd December

Leeds Bradford to Lanzarote - 2nd November

Leeds Bradford to Tenerife - 4th November

Leeds Bradford to Turin - 2nd December

Cardiff to Boa Vista (Pereira) - 4th November

Cardiff to Fuerteventura - 2nd November

Cardiff to Geneva - 1st December

Cardiff to Gran Canaria - 30th October

Cardiff to Hurghada - 29th October

Cardiff to Lanzarote - 1st November

Cardiff to Tenerife - 31st October

Cardiff to Turin - 1st December

Gran Canaria to Aberdeen - 30th October

Gran Canaria to Humberside - 31st October

Gran Canaria to Inverness - 4th November

Gran Canaria to London Southend - 2nd November

Gran Canaria to Norwich - 3rd November

Gran Canaria to Southampton - 1st November

Glasgow to Islamabad - 29th October

Glasgow to London Gatwick - 29th October

Glasgow to New York Newburgh - 30th October

New York Newburgh to Glasgow - 30th October

New York Newburgh to Larnaca - 1st November

New York Newburgh to London Gatwick - 4th December

New York Newburgh to Manchester - 4th December

New York Newburgh to Luxembourg - 30th October

New York Newburgh to Prague - 30th October

New York Newburgh to Riga - 31st October